Wednesday, November 17, 2010

B's words of wisdom

"Think of 'what if' thoughts like what you get in Gmail. The email might be 'what if the house burns down?'. Just delete it. Then go into the Bin folder and delete it forever. And if you keep getting those sort of emails, just tell the person not to send anymore or you'll be furious!"

B's story

Once upon a time, a princess named Ruby was playing in the garden. It began to rain! She looked up into the sky and realised the rain was actually pearls! She gathered some of them and went back to the castle. The queen was surprised to hear it actually rained pearls! The next day, Princess Ruby was reading a book about a girl who had seen the sky raining pearls! As she read on, she found out that this was called "lucky rain". The more she read on, the more she found out about it! And she also found that the more she collected the pearls, the more luck in her life there will be! One day she was really lucky! She won a gold medal in the Olympics! And a lot of great things happened in her life! So if you look carefully enough, you can be like Princess Ruby too! The End.

Monday, November 1, 2010

mom story

Irene at BloesemKids was SO sweet as to feature me in her super cool column "Mom Stories". BloesemKids is a beautiful blog for design-conscious parents, which includes finds, and crafting and cooking features. Thanks so much Irene!

{KID} independent

Wow, I just learnt of this cool site -- {KID} independent!

It's chock-full of indie goodness for kids and moms, and they were so kind as to feature Sailor Ghost! What an honour :))


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