Thursday, April 7, 2011

sticker dolly dressing

OK - the success of this series of books with my young daughters is so phenomenal that I feel compelled to share them with everyone. They're Sticker Dolly Dressing books by Stella Baggott et al for Usborne Activities. There are a whole bunch to choose from, including Fairies, Popstars and On Holiday, or the ones shown above, Fashion Long Ago, Dancers, and Princesses (ours is the French version).

The thematic paperback books have all sorts of different characters and little stories inside, and they're pretty educational too. The people start out in their underwear, against an appropriate backdrop, and it's up to your little one (or you) to dress them. The pages of stickers in the middle - literally tons of them - are easy to peel and manage for even 3-year-old fingers (they're reusable too and there are extras your child could use for her own crafts), and all the illustrations are bright and pretty.

Checking them out on Amazon today, I saw that Usborne had other cool sticker books as well, including ones for boys, and interesting ones like Around The World, Airport, and Art. My girls looooove them and I'd definitely recommend them as things-to-keep-your-kids-occupied-and-quiet-for-a-bit while you try to get something done.

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my thrifty closet said...

absolutely cute I don't have girls but these are what I used to play with except, mine are all flimsy paper dolls with flimsy clothes. And I have to fill in the color myself. I am sure these pretty paper dolls will keep your gals busy for a long time. Thanks for dropping by my blog with your lovely comments. HAve a great week!


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