Sunday, June 5, 2011

Opsite dressings

Clumsy people! Or people with crazy children who at some point will scrape their knees and elbows! I just wanted to share with you my favourite discovery in first aid products -- OPSITE clear film dressings by Smith & Nephew (available at most regular pharmacies I suppose).

Poor R recently scraped her elbow and both her knees pretty badly, and I've been using OPSITE Post-Op dressings on the wounds. On the box it says, "OPSITE Post-Op dressings are clear and waterproof, and allow the skin to breathe. They also provide a barrier to bacteria and are flexible to allow movement. The dressings have a highly absorbent pad".

But on the product site it says, "The revised OPSITE Post-Op dressings combine the features of the current OPSITE Post-Op dressings with the high MVTR REACTIC hydrophilic polyurethane film used to manufacture OPSITE IV3000 Transparent Adhesive Film Dressings. The patented REACTIC film is 3 to 8 times more permeable to water vapor than standard film dressings. It can "switch" in the presence of moisture allowing excess moisture to transpire off". WOW.

I find these dressings brilliant -- they're very soft and flexible (great for awkward angles!), easy to use, stick well without being disgusting-sticky, and are quite nice-looking too. And isn't the packaging cute -- it actually lists out the specific types of wounds you can use each dressing for. The pharmacy had run out of the Post-Op, so I got Flexigrid as well. They're supposed to be "thin, breathable and clear, and are clinically proven to help wounds heal faster and with less pain than traditional dressings". Cool!

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