Monday, September 19, 2011

Forest Adventure

During the recent school holidays, Beck had the great good fortune to have a go at Forest Adventure Mobile. This is the mobile version of Forest Adventure's kid course, and features nine stages of their treetop course (outdoors, Forest Adventure is an aerial course built up in the trees!). The whole thing is very cool; despite its massive structure, it manages to fit in nicely in confined places like schools, or mall lobbies, which was where we saw it for the first time.

Becks was super keen on trying it -- she loves sports and games -- so I let her. Well, I was actually a tiny bit worried that she'd balk at the harder stages -- like the swinging logs, which seemed to petrify some kids and even made a couple of them cry -- but she was confident, and I was determined not to undermine that.

And she did great! No hesitation, nothing. I'm pretty sure I would have frozen up on the logs. As it turned out, she did the course three times. The first time, the lady instructor said, "She's so confident, she's a little monkey!" I was really glad of her self-assurance, her enthusiasm, and her spunk
. How important those things are in life! It's tragic when children have it all squashed out of them by hypercritical, discouraging, neglectful adults.

So I'm really glad we discovered it. Becky's been hankering to go to the huge outdoor course by the reservoir, which features 16 stages (the adult course features 32). I think it's an excellent way for kids (and grown-ups) to have fun -- it's in the great outdoors, it's physically challenging, it encourages pluck and poise, and it builds self-confidence. Plus, it's great for bonding. Isn't that so much better than leaving the kids indoors all day, with one of those handheld Playstation things as their only companion?

Find out more about Forest Adventure here.

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Miss Val's Creations said...

How fun!!! This is so much better than playing Playstation!!! I have always wanted to do one of those adult sized course. They look challenging, but also a blast. ~Val


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