Thursday, October 13, 2011

loving today: saddle bags

dt mont3

I happened to see an ad for a gorgeous Dooney & Bourke saddle bag, which prompted me to have a look at their website. They have some mighty purty things there; the bags above range between 300 to 350 dollars.

Then I decided to go find out what exactly a saddle bag is; I mean in the "fashion-y" sense, 'cause these ones sure don't look like the type you'd hang off a horse or stick under your bicycle seat. I couldn't really find a definitive answer, and finally concluded that a saddle bag is one that tends to have a buckle closure, has at least some leather somewhere, and looks sort of "saddle-y" in general.

Naturally, I was pretty sure some talented craftsters would have tried their hand at saddle bags, and I wasn't wrong! As with most handmade things, you can be sure artisanal bags won't have that super-perfect-shiny-factory look, and that's part of their charm. Here are just a few functional beauties -- enjoy!



Alana San Filippo said...

Great subject! Thanks for including our Black Leather Messenger.

stitch and swash said...

whatever you call them - satchels, saddlebags, messengers - I love the style! Thanks for including my bag in your collection of lovelies!

angie - stitch & swash

Rachel said...

These are the cutest purses! I actually thrifted a D&B purse (legit) for $1 the other day! Whoever priced is must not have realized what brand it was. I'll have to post it soon :) -R (Distinct.Style.Innovation / Giveaway ends tomorrow!)

waterlily said...

i think they're called saddle bags cos they're modelled after those saddle bags of old that cowboys wud've slung across their horse saddle, think they were sort of looped to the saddle to keep them in place. my 2 cents worth, moma

Danielle said...

Oooh nice collection, you can't beat a good satchel/messenger bag. Oasis have some really cute mini ones at the moment! :)


my thrifty closet said...

I love satchel bags too. The recycled one is amazingly crafted



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