Friday, December 2, 2011

stream of consciousness (narrative mode)


I find this email from B to my husband, who was away on a business trip (the whole thing was underlined, italicised, and in bold, by the way).

To: Daddy
Subject: Dear Dad

Dear Daddy, how is your trip? Oh, he-he.
Nothing! You sure... just look weird in those old Army pants that Mom shortened.
(Ha-ha!) Boy, do you look weird!
I have changed my name from Rebecca to THE Rebecca or THE Rock.
Ooh... waffle coming up! (Gobble gobble)
I was wondering what's going on in that... place.
What's the place called?
I have decided to not use Skype and start using the Internet to E-Mail u more!
Dear Daddy, I am going to find out... oh, never mind!
Hope you have a great time!
Signed, THE Rock.


Pizziricco said...

hahaha THE Rebecca dat's hilarious. but also great, shows she believes herself diff & much above all the Rebeccas of the world. wonderful she has such great belief in herself, i pray she will never lose it.

Pinkie Pirate said...



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