Monday, January 30, 2012

eye candy

So my girlfriend has been going on about what a hottie she thinks Brandon Fehr is. Which just confirms to both of us that, similar as we are, our taste in men is just totally, completely different lol. Well, just for fun today -- and yes, I'm saying upfront now that this is a completely inane, frivolous post -- I put together all the actors I think are swoon-worthy. On reflection, it seems age is not a problem for me haha... Inane I know, but doesn't a little eye candy make you smile? Just a little bit?

Clockwise from top left: Gary Oldman, Mark Strong, Gabriel Byrne, Tom Hardy, Christian Bale and James McAvoy. Feel free to add to the list ;)


littlecherryhill said...

Totally with you on Christian Bale lol

Shoko said...

Christian Bale, yes!

Quindome said...

haha Gabriel Byrne is also one of my secret crushes! Must be the accent!

Dawn said...

We have the same taste
Dawn suitcase vignettes


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