Friday, April 6, 2012

a Good Friday prayer

This was our Good Friday litany at church this morning (a litany is a series of petitions used during service, generally recited by the worship leader, and responded to by the congregation. I believe this one was written by the Rev. M. Ashley Grant; please correct me if I'm mistaken).

The words are so simple, and yet so powerful; I think it would do me good to regularly meditate on them:

Lord, when we feel sorry for ourselves
and think we have sacrificed so much for others,
Remind us of what You did for us on the cross.

Lord, when our patience wears thin
and we are ready to give up,
Speak to us through the example
of Your endurance on the cross.

Lord, when we get angry and feel like fighting back
against those who would be our enemies,
Help us remember Your words to Your enemies
from the cross, “Father, forgive.”

Lord, whenever we suffer in any way,
Keep us near the cross.

Lord, when we are afraid to stand up
for what is true and honorable,
Strengthen us with the courage
with which You went to the cross.

Lord, when we come to the times of death,
Uphold us with the assurance
that life did not end for You on the cross.

Fill us with the hope of resurrection and new life
which Your cross continues to teach us each day. Amen.

A blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend to you and yours.


Polly Chartier said...

A beautiful prayer and message. Thank you for sharing this and thank you too for the inclusion of my paper cutting as an illustration. I am truly honored more than I can say.

Polly from SugarplumSilhouettes

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

That is beautiful. Have a lovely Easter.

Beth said...

Thank you for sharing that---it is a good reminder for me in my spiritual walk. And the paper cutting is lovely!

A blessed Easter to you, too, and to those you love.


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