Tuesday, July 3, 2012

on grace

Poster by REBrickerstudio

This was in my devotional this morning, and I felt compelled in my spirit to share it with you. It's entitled God's Grace Will See You Through.

"Some time ago just before a meeting in which I was teaching on the subject of grace, someone handed my husband a written word from the Lord and asked him to give it to me. I am sure that the person had no idea what direction I would be taking in the meeting, but the message certainly fit in with it.

"I believe the following message is divinely anointed. I encourage you to read it carefully and receive what the Lord wants to speak to you today.

"I want you to face the mountain
so that you can see,
when the mountain is out of the way
all there is left is Me.

"Only I can move the mountain,
only I can push it away,
only I can conquer the problems
that you face today.

"Your only job is to believe, to listen
to My voice,
and when you hear what I command,
obedience is your choice.

"But I will not make it too difficult
for the victory is already Mine,
and I will fill you with My Spirit and through
you My grace will shine.

"Not when you are perfect,
like you think you need to be,
but when your heart is willing to become more
and more like Me".
(from New Day, New You, by Joyce Meyer)

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Beth said...

Wonderful, Janice! Thank you for sharing that. I am so grateful for the grace of God.


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