Friday, October 5, 2012

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Ro was asked to be in this advertising campaign for a major pharmaceutical chain here, and I let her, for the experience. I didn't realise till now how large this chain actually is; it is apparently the largest here, with at least 140 outlets scattered across the island. So it has certainly been interesting to see Ro's face almost everywhere we go -- in malls and magazines and newspapers, on the trains, and even the bus.

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The pretend mom was in her early 20s, about half my age haha.. However, we did all agree that the pretend grandma does look rather like my mother-in-law lol. They have these things literally everywhere in the pharmacies; even gigantic ones hanging from the ceiling. The first time Ro went in and saw them, she squealed, "There are so many mes!!"

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Look! Only $8.90!

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One prerequisite I have about the kids doing these things is -- no make-up! I hate seeing children looking all mature and done up, and worse, striking sultry, alluring poses (no child beauty pageants please!). The other thing is -- school has to come first. B isn't doing so much of these things now that she's in grade school. Ro is still in nursery, so I'm ok with it once in awhile (needless to say, she has become a sort of mini-celebrity at her kindergarten haha..). Well, I'm glad she and her sister have had these experiences; I should like them to be a lot more self-assured than their mother ever was!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

How wonderful! Your daughter is adorable. And although the pretend mom is a pretty lady, she is not the right choice. She looks much too young to have a child that age, and looks more like a sister than a mother to your daughter. I like that you don't support make-up on kids. I don't either. Kids should look Natural. Young. Innocent. And yes, school should always come first. It's so important. Your daughter must be having so much fun with this!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Ro looks so adorable in the ads! What a fun opportunity. I definately agree about the makeup on children. The child beauty pageants are so disturbing!

AntiquityTravelers said...

how fantastic! you have such beautiful kids Janice ... no wonder everyone wants to photograph them! But you should be in those pics with them - you photograph beautifully :D

Unknown said...

I love that you set prerequisites. So sweet! She's a little celebrity!

V said...

She is adorable and so self-assured for a 4-year-old! Yes, this is excellent experience for her, but it's great that you've laid down rules as well.

Unknown said...

wow this is terrific for a child, what a great experience!
and good on you for letting her have the opportunity!

thank you for your thoughtful words today, lovely.

trishie said...

Ro is so adorable and gorgeous! Will look out for this campaign when I am in Singapore next.


awesome and congratulations!!!!well deserved. here's to many more !!

Libby said...

Oh my goodness, what an experience! Your daughter is so precious and I am so glad that you feel the way you do about little kiddies and makeup. I much rather to seem them as natural as possible. These ads are fantastic. Enjoy!


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