Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sylvanian Chronicles

Becky's been writing a sort of serialised story about her Sylvanians, and yesterday she posted her latest installment on her blog. I couldn't help giggling a little when I read it, so I thought I'd share it with you (as you know I'd once said I'd occasionally do :)

It's a great way to get kids interested in reading and writing I think, but as I don't let mine have more than 20 minutes a day on the computer (if at all), B has to do most of her writing the old-fashioned way -- with pencil and paper!

* * * * * * *

There was a lot of excitement because at last the Sylvanians had caught the intruder! It was a big orange cat from the Outside World! Everyone noticed that the orange cat was shivering. It did not look well or happy. Mr Owl went to get Matron from the sick bay just in case it fainted or something.


Everyone let Mr Walnut Cat speak to it, because after all, he is also a cat. "We have caught you at last," he said sternly. It was the voice he always used when he was scolding the kids, which they hated. "You have been stealing our food and doing goodness knows what else. That is very naughty indeed. But now that we've caught you, you had better tell us who you are".


And this was what the orange cat did when it heard Mr Walnut Cat's scoldy voice. Immediately, everyone went "Awww". Matron said, "Poor thing, you're shivering with cold and you look very hungry. I think you have a bit of a temperature too. Come to the sick bay and rest. You can have some cookies and hot chocolate and in the morning when you feel better you can tell us all about yourself".


So everyone led the orange cat up to the sick bay. Only Hester Honeyfox was there and she was already asleep. She had been having her usual sniffly nose from smelling too many flowers. Mr Owl said he would stay up with Matron to watch the orange cat since he usually didn't sleep at night anyway. Matron was glad to have him around to chat to. Staying up alone all night could be pretty boring.

They gave the orange cat some hot chocolate and put it to bed. It seemed to be really exhausted by everything that had happened, and did not even want any cookies. It lay down in bed with a grateful sigh and was soon purring in its sleep. "The poor thing is worn out," whispered Matron to Mr Owl. "What an interesting life it must lead". Mr Owl nodded and stared at the cat in that way owls do. "I wonder what we'll find out tomorrow!" he said.

What do you think is in store for the Sylvanians and their strange intruder? Stay tuned to find out!

P.S. I've put all the chapters of this story together here in case you missed any part! Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4. See you again soon!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, so cute! Poor orange cat...looked so weak. How nice that the animals are so compassionate and caring.

And what imagination Becky has! This is definitely a great way to get kids interested in reading and writing.

Libby said...

There's definitely a lot of talent in your family. This story is quite fascinating.

The Cranky said...

That is so sweet; what a lovely talent your wee one is developing!



Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

What a delightful tale so far - I was truly entranced ;) and plan to read Chapters 1-4. Even as an adult, I still love kids movies and books.

I think it's wonderful that you are encouraging Becky's writing - yet still holding to your convictions of 20 mins/day. I've read that a great many authors still take pencil to paper even nowadays.

Pizziricco said...

you will at some point scout around for a publisher right? u will remember yr friends and let us have book at discount, yez? {:-)

Sulky Kitten said...

I LOVE this! A very talented girl, and I think I know where she gets it from!

Beth said...

I absolutely LOVE this, Janice! Becky is such a talented girl---just like her Mama. The pictures are wonderful, too. I'm looking forward to the sequel. Thank you for sharing this---it brought a big smile to my face.

The Sylvanians seem so kind and compassionate---how lovely it would be if we were all more like them.


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