Sunday, June 22, 2014

just a little update :)

Ah, another weekend. And I just realised my last post was over a month ago -- a first for me, excepting perhaps that time when I had morning sickness. The blog has always been in the back of my mind though, but I'm really coming to that point of acceptance that I will not be blogging as regularly as I did before; in fact, I'd be content to post perhaps once a month, at least till Jakey is a little older. In truth, the thought did cross my mind to leave off blogging altogether, but remembering the friends I've made and who have been so supportive -- as well as those who would bother to leave comments or email me telling me how helpful or encouraging something I'd written was -- gave me pause.

So as I've a bit of free time today, I decided to write a bit. Warning though -- this post is decidedly dollyish in tone haha.. but after all, that is part of what I do to earn my keep now! Thanks to my work, I was able to bring the girls on a little staycation at the start of this June holiday -- the hubs was away on a lovely European business trip for two weeks and I felt the girls deserved a bit of time away as well. We had a splendid time of course, but I think the girls would agree one of the really high points was going to see Maleficent! Did you all manage to catch it too? If you didn't, you really ought to. Angelina Jolie was just perfect, and the film was really so lovely -- and of course, as Disney would always have it, I teared up.

But now -- on to dolly business! First a couple of girls who came and went over the past month -- Starling, right at the top there, and redheaded Poppy here.

In the shop now is Skylar, whose hair I spent a great deal of time dyeing violet, pink and blue. Dyeing, especially synthetic materials, is a tricky affair, but that's part of the fun I think! Plus it definitely guarantees the OOAK nature of the doll.

Skylar's eyelids :) 

Since getting more involved in the Blythe community, I've come to learn more about other kinds of collectible dolls, in particular, the kind known as ball-jointed dolls, or BJDs. BJDs are articulated dolls, and their parts are strung together with elastic, giving them the ability to "move" and pose. Some of them are quite tiny, about 4" tall, while others tower at 24". Pandora here is a 16" BJD, and my first!

The fun thing about many BJDs is that they're easy to customise -- well, easier than  Blythe at any rate, I think. You can paint them, and change their eyes and hair. I deepened Pandora's faceup and gave her new eyes and hair. The girls love her pale, but I personally have a thing for redheads :)

Pandora is from a line of what I consider "mature" BJDs -- as in, I feel they look like young adults. They have very well-developed figures and some are very busty, quite different from Blythe. In this picture, Pandora is wearing what I call her "mature" hair haha..

And so, because I was loving working on Pandora, I decided to explore other BJDs as well. The next one that captured my attention was this little Secretdoll Person. Persons are funny little BJDs measuring only about 7 1/2" (as a reference, Blythe is 11"), with distinctive pouts and a Yoshitomo Nara-esque face. Here, I've opened up the Person and stripped off the original faceup.

I learned soon enough that they were fiddly little beasties -- the tiny face made the carving and colouring quite a delicate, tedious affair.

I finally got Tova done after a great deal of futzing. Persons are sent with random wigs, but since we hated the one they sent us -- something resembling a dried bush -- I had to leave Tova sitting about like this. Which did look a little pathetic.

So Pandora has let her borrow her "mature" hair till her own arrives. Pandora's head is a good deal larger than Tova's, so she looks like a teeny tiny disco queen haha..

Well, that's all for now -- I mean to catch up on my blog-reading while I still have some time now, so I'll see you again.. in awhile! Have a super lovely weekend, dear friends!


Kay G. said...

Hey Janice!
I am so happy to know such a talented artist, your dolls are incredible, truly they are!
You have THREE kids now, I don't know how you have the time to do anything!! I am grateful that you will keep blogging, but if you can't blog as often, everyone will certainly understand!
I have not seen that movie with Angelina Jolie but it sounds good!
I can't wait for the movie that she is directing to come out at the end of the year, "Unbroken", don't miss it!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These dolls look marvellous, very pretty. Am glad you and the girls went to see the movie, I have yet to see it. Maybe soon. It looks amazing though. I hope all is going welld oll & wish you a marvellous new week to come xx

Fundy Blue said...

I'm so glad that you decided to keep posting as you can! I love your blog! Your girls are getting so big ~ such lovely young ladies! I am fascinated with your dolls, but especially by how endlessly creative you are! I'm sure Jakey keeps everyone hopping, but what a gift to have a baby boy! Have a lovely week. Hugs!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh so glad you didn't decide to quite blogging all together! Always fun to see what you and the girls are up to - looks like a fun "Stay-cation" The new dolls are really quite something ... I'm amazed at how you rework their face and hair and eyelids! They are so sweet! Curious to see what Pandora looks like once her hair arrives - LOL

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi it has been a while since I have visited your blog. I am glad to hear that you and your family is doing well and that you are busy. All of the dolls are so pretty and full of personality. Thank you for sharing some insight on the doll collections.

Almost Precious said...

You are an artistic genius with your dolls - they are all so wonderful. You manage to give each one their own personality.

I adore the new Pandora, she has such an exotic face. I can visualize her as a fairy or an elf princess.
Also she would be perfect for grown-up versions of fairytale maidens such as Cinderella, Snow White and many, many others.

We do miss your blog posts but understand how much time and attention a new baby takes. Besides babies grow up all too fast so enjoy baby Jakey as much as possible. It seems like over night they go from being babies to being children, riding bicycles and playing computer games. Then in another blink of an eye, they're going off to college.

KnittedFox said...

Such pretty dolls! I adore the outfits on them. Especially the striped shirt and tutu.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Elizabeth Brown said...

So glad to see a post from you again! Glad everything is going well over there!

Love the dolls, too! My sister loves BJDs and is currently in the process of making her own. I love the one in the blond wig, though. Her mature hairstyle!

Hope you have had a good weekend, my friend! I have been a bit busy as well, so I can relate to the slow posting bug you've got. Just a slow summer here~

Magic Love Crow said...

Great to see you my friend ;o) Please don't leave us! I love your blog ;o) Just blog once a month ;o) I understand about being busy and I don't even have kids! LOL! I have to go see that movie! Maleficent looks amazing! Give big hugs to Jakey and the girls for me ;o)
Your dolls are breath taking! Wow! Double WOW!!! The new ones are stunning! Such talent you have at creating these!
Please take care ;o)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I've missed you dear friend and I'm just glad to hear you'll still be blogging when you can. Just good to know all is well with you and the little ones. You do such fun staycations :) Your dollie work is amazing as always.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Jane Chérie said...

I find your custom dolls amazing. And how fun is it to discover new dolls! Pandora is very beautiful and I love Tova's tiny figure but decidedly distinct faceup. BJD are usually too expensive for me to consider for now but one day, maybe I will make the plunge! My favorite choice would be Lati Yellow Dolls.

Unknown said...

You are truly an amazing artist. The transformation from before to now is unbelievable.

My Garden Diaries said...

I love that picture of your girls! And I am so glad you all got away! Your work is amazing! And your new little ladies are fantastic! I hear you on have a realistic approach to it and you should do what works for your life! I do so love seeing your creations as I know no one else who can make dolls like you!! Have a great week lady! Nicole xoxo

The Cranky said...

These are truly beautiful; and I have to second your love for redheads!
You are an artist and it shows. One day, perhaps, I'll be able to adopt one of your 'bebes'.

Unknown said...

I am on a blogging break as is busy and full of surprises! Hugs to you and the kiddos!


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