Saturday, March 16, 2013

when you wish upon a star...

So the one-week March holidays are here, and what better way to start them off than with a bit of Disney! Disney on Ice is in town, with their almost-two-hour show Princesses & Heroes. 

I don't know what it is about Disney productions that always make me tear up; the last time we were at Disneyland, I teared up as soon as Sleeping Beauty's castle came into view. I think it has to do with the whole childhood thing; you know, like in that song Toyland: Childhood's joy land / Mystic merry Toyland / Once you pass its borders / You can never return again... When you've grown up my dears / And are as old as I / You'll laugh and ponder on the years / That roll so swiftly by / That roll so swiftly by...

Well anyway... Disney always brings a smile to the faces of children, and that's always a lovely thing. The Disney on Ice show brings all the usual Disney favourites to life, and when you live in 32-degree heat year round, there's always a vicarious pleasure in seeing a bunch of people cavorting about in an ice rink.

Yes, it has to start with the mice. Minnie was one of the show's hosts.

The classic interpretation of Middle Eastern life in the 8th century (though theoretically Aladdin was set in China).

It can't be easy skating in that puffy blue thing.

Yep, the seven gigantic dwarfs.

Belle does the cancan with some cutlery and a giant candelabra.

You gotta love how they just keep on smilin'.

Our favourite, Ariel. Honestly, I think she's the only one of the Disney princesses who does anything strong or brave, and anyway, everyone loves mermaids right?

Yes. Creatures of the deep.

Those little kids won something or got their parents to spend a thousand bucks to give them a couple of minutes in that boat. I love the whole posture of that mermaid with her hand on her hip.

Yes, they are what you think.

Prince Phillip in chains. Later, with his Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue, he fights Maleficent in dragon form (and wins of course, yay).

Sigh, every girl's dream date. Maybe not with the wire cage, but certainly with someone who treats you with all the care, respect and courtesy you deserve.

Tinkerbell at the show's finale. Fireworks came out of that thing, which was pretty cool.

Satisfied customers. 

This was the first time we'd been to this train station. It looks quite Star-Trekky, don't you think?

Random shot taken by Beck. Honestly, I do look a lot more friendly in real life.

Waiting for dinner. Becky explains the ticket's fine print to Ro.

I'm glad the kids always want sushi rather than McDonald's.

Becky does her maki face.

Ro is getting good with chopsticks! 

Thank you Lord for such a lovely day!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a wonderful time! Those photos really portray the fun time you had. It's amazing how much Disney is equated with childhood. I feel the same way, and get all teary-eyed with these things.

My Amazing Days said...

Ooh, you have super-cool photos! I love the dragon video! So awesome!

Sulky Kitten said...

What gorgeous little girls you have - they must take after their mother! I'm a huge Disney fan and visit Orlando every single year to feed my addiction. (No, I am not 12!) That show looked great. I was very impressed by the metro system in Singapore, very clean and efficient.

Birdie said...

I would love to see Disney on Ice! It looks like a magical time.

Your girls are adorable.

Jo N said...

Your girls are gorgeous. I'm glad it was a fun outing. I have always wanted to catch a Disney on Ice show. I might give it a go when there's one in Sydney.

Katarina Kljajic said...

This looks like great fun! I wish I'm seven, so that I can enjoy watching the Disney show:) Although, I must admit I often watch cartoons. By the way, these photos are really

Have a nice day!

Almost Precious said...

Aw, it looks like you all had a marvelous time and the memories made that day will last forever.

PS - Your children are so precious.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful and fun day! The pictures you got are amazing! That train station looks wild! I love it! Your daughters are so cute and so are you ;o) You are smiling with your eyes ;o) Treasure every moment of your life! It does go by too fast!

Marina said...

It looks really great. I would love to see Disney show one day!

Airin HeartMade said...

Amazing pics! I'm sure you enjoyed it a lot!^^
Have a nice day!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So these productions!! Am happy you all went & enjoyed yourselves. You look marvellous. Have a great week xx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This looks like it was so much fun!! :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah thank you for taking me to Disney World with you and your beautiful daughters. Looks like such fun. I have never been to Disney but used to watch all their productions on T.V. What a great time I had. God Bless You!

ice pandora said...

I think Disney has this
magical force that you
can't help but fall in
love with the stories!
The kids looks lovely c;



Your girls are so adorable! And I totally know what you mean. I don't think Disney is just for kids, I still get moved to tears when I watch Beauty and the Beast. I try to go to Orlando every now and then to feed my inner kid, LOL

p.s. want to follow each other on bloglovin, etc?


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Disney products are so spectacular! I love the pics you took. I'm a big fan of Beauty and the Beast. The girls look like they had a GREAT time. They're so adorable and so are you! Love your newsboy cap :D Great post!

Miss Val's Creations said...

The photos are amazing! I used to see Disney on Ice every year in Boston when I was young. It looks like the production has come a long way with all the movies made since. I remember it being more about Goofy, Donald, Mickey, etc. How lucky are you with the girls preferring sushi over McDonalds? That is awesome. You look adorable in that photo. :)

trishie said...

Looks like a fun time! I've been to Disney on Ice a few years back and enjoyed it so much.


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