Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paint with water!

Hello everyone! It's me -- Rebecca, from My Amazing Days! I'm guest blogging again! Today I wanted to share with you something my sister and I have been having fun with during the holidays. Mommy says many of you have young kids too and might like to know about stuff your kids might enjoy! So today I thought I'd share with you our Paint With Water set!

In the picture above you can see four of our paintings. The top two were done by Ro, and the bottom two by me! Ro is a good artist isn't she! I like the way she chooses and mixes up colours!

The pictures are from Melissa & Doug's Paint With Water series. Mommy actually got it for Ro because Ro loves art so much, and this series is really for young kids (ages 3+). The front says "Perfect For The Beginning Painter!" But I really wanted to do a few, and Ro was really nice and said "ok"!

So this is what each page inside looks like. Mommy got us the "Ocean" one, because we both like the sea and sea creatures. As you can see, every page has paints at the top. It's a lot less messy than setting up a real paint palette, and it's more convenient too because there's less clean-up. You just wet the brush -- they give you one! -- and start painting! When you're done, you cut off the palette from the top and display your masterpiece!

Here's a close-up of the jellyfish one I did. Aren't they cute! The paints are watercolours, so they have a nice, soft effect. There isn't a lot of paint in each palette though, so you can't get too carried away. I think you might enjoy doing these even if you are a grown-up!

Melissa & Doug actually have quite a lot of fun things for kids, and Mommy has got us quite a few of them before. One of our favourites is the Make-A-Face Sticker Pad, as well as the Scratch Art Sketch Pad Book! Maybe you might like to try them! Hope you are having a lovely day! We are finally having a bit of rain -- yay!! See you again soon!

Oh, Mommy says Baby is bigger now than we were when we were born. Baby is super happy kicking and punching her like crazy and shows every intention of staying in there as long as possible. We yell "Pop pop pop!!!" at her tummy every night.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Super cool :) xx

Audrey said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for sharing ~ those paint with water kits look like a lot of fun and I'm sure my daughter would love them! You and Ro must be very excited about the baby....I can't wait to hear all about him/her! Hope your Mom is feeling well.....send her my good wishes from Charlotte, NC, USA!

Sara said...

This seems really fun, I love painting it is so relaxing *(:

Eliana said...

Beautiful figures, all!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Painting is loads of fun! My kids had something similar when they were little, and I used to enjoy it as much as they did.

It must be very exciting around your home as you all wait for the arrival of the baby. I hope your mom is feeling okay. It can get quite tough towards the end. It seems like that little baby is warm and cozy in mom's belly...and not eager to come out. My kids were the opposite; they were in a hurry to get out and arrived early!

Send lots of hugs to your mom from me!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Hey Becky, this really looks like a really fun way for you and Ro to pass the time indoors and both your creations are so pretty! Hope your Mommy is well and that the baby comes out to say hello to the world soon :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
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AntiquityTravelers said...

I love sea creatures as well! especially brightly colored fish! Your mommy sent me the best fish pin (Gup) and I simply LOVE it! did you help her with the colors?

You are doing such a great job guest blogging for your mom! And I bet you're going to be an amazing big sis to your new arrival to your family, just like you are to your sister!

Hug your mom for me

Magic Love Crow said...

You made me laugh about your pop, pop, pop! LOL! I love the paint by water art you and your sister did! Beautiful and so happy ;o) Take Care ;o)


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