Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guest blogger Rebecca!

Hello everyone! How are you? I am Rebecca from My Amazing Days, and I am guest blogging today! First, I will help my Mom share some craft stuff. This is a picture of Mommy's Cat Head pins! Aren't they cute? You can wear one on your sweater or your coat or your bag -- no one else will have one like it and you will look super cool! The dark blue Chartreux cat at the bottom is already sold, but the other two are available! I will try to help Mommy list them in her shop soon.

Isn't this cat beautiful! His colours are so lovely and he's really adorable!

I did ask Mommy to make me one if she could, so she did! I chose this little kitten because he reminded me of Ming Ming! This cat is a baby Ragdoll, and he's tiny and super cute and lovable.

OK, now let me share with you something I did! This is a little film I made of my tortoise Shelly! Shelly is solar-powered and can walk, shake his head, and wiggle his tail when you put him in the sun! I bought him at my school's science fair. I hope you like my little movie! I have posted some questions about it on my blog to see if you paid attention!

Oh, speaking of the sun, it has been 35 degrees here every day lately. Worse, there has been horrible smog and haze from forest fires in Indonesia which has made the pollution index here reach the "hazardous" level. The air is very smoky and there is a constant smell of burnt wood, even in our house. Kids and old people, and people with heart and respiratory problems, have been told to be extra careful and stay indoors. It even affects flight visibility!

These annual fires -- from about June to September! -- are caused mainly by land clearing and "slash and burn" agricultural practices in Indonesia, which means they are set deliberately. It is done because it is fast and cheap. I think there seems to be something really wrong when this sort of thing can be allowed to happen annually. The most awful part of it is how it affects the wildlife there, such as the orangutans. The blanket of smoke is so bad here, I can't imagine how bad it must be there! You can read more here :(

Now I will share with you some pictures I found. This is a picture of my Mom and me! We were waiting at a bus stop and playing a game. We always have lots of fun together and she's my best friend!

I saw that my Mom posted some baby photos of Ro and me, so now I'm posting one of her haha! Here she is in her little baby suit. Isn't she cute! She is lying on top of a car and my Grandma is holding her legs. The car looks quite shiny and clean so I guess it was ok.

Here is a picture I found of Ro and Sophie! They are sitting at the window waiting for me to come home. Sophie is one of our cats (we have three). Sophie is a Maine Coon. My Mom rescued her when she was a little kitten (Sophie I mean, not my Mom). Now she is pretty huge (I still mean Sophie haha!). You can read more about Sophie here.

And this photo shows our Baby's changing table. We made space for it in our room. I thought it looked so nice so I took a picture. That little girl is a painting by the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. We have had it for a long time. My Mom thinks the girl looks like me and Ro!  

OK, that's all for now! Thank you for visiting Mommy's blog! See you again soon!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a lovely post! You make a great guest blogger. 35 degrees every day?! Wow, that is hot! It must be hard to be outdoors. Those pins are very beautiful. And I love all the photos you shared, especially the one of your mom as a baby. She was so cute!

Sulky Kitten said...

Your mommy makes such beautiful things, doesn't she? I didn't know you had 3 cats! I have a Maine Coon as well.I enjoyed your little film and seeing the lovely photos of your mom.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So sweet!! Loved the baby picture on the car as well, precious!! I hope both of you are doing well xx

AntiquityTravelers said...

well hello Rebecca! it is so nice of you to guest write for you mommy while you all wait for the baby. and I bet she'll need a little help after the baby arrives! you did a fantastic job on your post, and I do love the kitty heads - those are so cute! I hope the smog reduces, that can really be awful to deal with. I hope we get to hear from you again! Hug your mommy for us

Christine Altmiller said...

I really enjoyed the guest post...especially how you posted a baby picture of your Mom :-D

Optimistic Existentialist said...

oh my gosh those cats are adorable!!!

Dee said...

Your a great guest host.The kitty pins are adorable. One looks like my Lucy cat.

Kirsten Harr said...

Great looking cats...and I'm not even a cat person ;)

Sara said...

It was amazing to read from you and see all those amazing photos from when you were young! I also love my mom's old photos from when she was a baby, things were so diferent back then!

The fires are a terrible thing; we also have a lot of them here in the summer:\

Have a great weekend!

Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for sharing all these special pictures! I love the baby picture of your mom! Hugs ;o)


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