Tuesday, November 29, 2011

loving today: Book 6

The sixth literary Loving Today inspired by this post.
* * *
... she had dark blue eyes and kept her skin lily pale, and her hair was wonderful, and untouched by bleach or powder; fair and thick and uncurling, yet full with a natural ripple...
extract from The Fair Hair of Ambrosine

He must have been a god of fishes, for there was nothing else near that island but a monstrous fish...
extract from Florence Flannery

Halfway up he paused, suddenly wondering who had thought to leave the light.

"Not my lady wife – not my royal Countess," he grinned.

Then a sudden pang of horror almost sobered him. Jane had never forgotten to put a candle in the hall.

extract from The Housekeeper

... the long rays of the lamplight showed him pale, haggard... with tumbled fair hair and a torn shirt under his mantle, and at his wrist a ragged bunch of hemlock thrust into his sash.
extract from Kecksies

While he was holding it under the candle flame and gazing at the whiteness of diamond, pearl, and enamel, the masked man repeated his words.
"Now will you come?"
extract from The Adventure of Mr John Proudie

"I was very busy hiding all the china – but one set they got – a Crown Derby tea service…"

"With one plate missing!” cried Martha Pym. "I bought it… I was wondering if you’d found it –"

"I hid it," piped Ms Lefain.

extract from The Crown Derby Plate

I have always felt a strange interest in this picture... I was always fascinated by the dress of the lady. This is of dark-green... an uncommon colour to use in a portrait and, perhaps, in a lady's dress...
extract from The Avenging of Ann Leete

As she turned, she half-stumbled against a chair, caught at it, and noticed, hanging over the back, a skirt of peach-coloured silk.
extract from The Scoured Silk

all extracts from The Bishop of Hell & Other Stories, by Marjorie Bowen



Anonymous said...

Thank you for including me in your wonderfully scripted and curated blog! This is fun! Will come back again to see what comes next!


very tres chic said...

Thank you for including my Cinderella "Breathe" Dress! Paula
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