Thursday, October 20, 2011

loving today: Book 3

The third literary Loving Today inspired by this post.
* * *

"Oh, bless my little black soul, Mister Vandemar, do you see what I see?" The voice was soft, close: they must have been nearer to her than she had imagined. "I spy, with my little eye, something that's going to be --"

"Dead in a minute, Mister Croup," said the flat voice, from above her.

"Our principal will be delighted."

And the girl pulled whatever she could find deep inside her soul, from all the pain, and the hurt and the fear. She was spent, burnt out, and utterly exhausted. She had nowhere to go, no power left, no time. "If it's the last door I open," she prayed, silently, to the Temple, to the Arch. "Somewhere... anywhere... safe..." and then she thought, wildly, "Somebody".

And as she began to pass out, she tried to open a door.

As the darkness took her, she heard Mr Croup's voice, as if from a long way away. It said, "Bugger and blast".

extract from Neverwhere, Ch 1, by Neil Gaiman



Kris said...

my gosh! I feel like I'm seeing you in the 'The Jackie - Victorian Top Hat' photo :p

Audrey Leighton said...

love the picture of the keys. so pretty



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